Spare Parts & Robway Systems

Spare Parts:

  • We offer genuine Manitowoc, Grove and TIDD Crane parts.
  • Being a part of Manitowoc Crane CARE offers TRT global access to parts, service, technical assistance and training for every MANITOWOC CRANE GROUP product, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.
  • Genuine and OEM quality parts for other cranes

Robway Crane Safety Systems:
Robway are the leading manufacturer of safe load and line tension monitoring instrumentation and have been offering solutions to the construction, mining and offshore industries for over 30 years.  TRT are exclusive agents for Robway, our specialised staff install, repair for complete after sale service.

Please contact us for a quote on any Safety equipment you require!

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    Major Inspections & Rebuilds

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    Crane Service & Support

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