Crane Support Trailers

A familiar problem that Crane operators are faced with when purchasing a new Crane, is how all the ancillary equipment is transported to site.  Even more so when the Crane is a Grove GMK6400 with 135tonne of counterweight, luffing fly jib and auxiliary equipment which all have to be transported to site before the crane can operate at full capacity. To meet this specialised requirement TRT has developed a suite of purpose built lightweight Crane Support Trailers designed to securely transport counterweights and other crane components to the crane on site in the right order to be deployed.


Crane Site Trailer

Purpose built as the first trailer on site, The Crane Site Trailer has provision for a Forklift, Ground Pads, Hook, Dunnage as well as a Counterweight Cradle on the trailer. The crane will arrive on site with this trailer closely behind. The forklift will position the ground pads for the crane outriggers and unload the rest of the equipment from the trailer. With the crane now in position, it is ready to accept the counterweight.

  • Versatile can be configured to suit Crane and Operation
  • Covered in Deck
  • Less damage from chains and dogs


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Counterweight Trailers

Set of 4 Tri-Tri B Double Combination Trailers to transport to site the 135tonne of counterweight, luffing fly jib and auxiliary equipment, necessary for a Grove GMK6400 Mobile Crane to operate to capacity.

Trailer Combo No1. A decked in Unit with Handrails to carry: 4 TRT Outrigger Pads, 15tonne Base, 2.5tonne Hooks, 5tonne Winch Pack, Lifting Gear plus 1tonne of Fly (Offset & Reducer)

Trailer Combo No 2. A Skel Unit to carry 2 x 10tonne on A, 2 x10tonne (centre weights) on B with Fly on both A & B in special cradles.

Trailer Combo No 3. A Skel Unit similar to Unit No 2 except all 10tonne weights of same type.

Trailer Combo No 4. A decked in Unit c/w Full non removable Handrail kit.

  • Configured to suit Crane and Operation
  • Dedicated load restraint mechanism for the counter weights
  • Jib and Equipment support frames
  • Civered in Decks for load flexibility
  • Less damage from chains and dogs


Crane Equipment Trailer

Designed to support a Liebherr LTM1130 Mobile Crane this Lightweight Tri-Tri B Double Combination is set up to carry counterweight, Fly Jib, outrigger pads, timer & other accessories.

  • Dedicated load restraint mechanism for the counter weights
  • Jib support frame


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Mounted to a TRT tandem axle Potain Jinker module, the Potain IGO MAZI is designed for quick and easy deployment. The skid plate attachment easily converts this versatile self-erector crane into a regular semi-trailer configuration suitable for most prime mover tractor units.

  • 1800Kg lift capacity
  • 700Kg to 26m radius
  • One man set up within one hour
  • Transports complete with CWT