Manitowoc Group

TRT has distributed Grove Crane in New Zealand for some 40 years and is now the Queensland Distributor for both Manitowoc and Grove Cranes. Manitowoc Group Cranes have earned a reputation for providing strong, reliable lifting equipment that is consistently popular with those who operate them.


The full range of Grove mobile hydraulic cranes from 8 to 450tonne comprises: All Terrain, Rough Terrain, Truck Mounted and Industrial Cranes. Grove has achieved a number of technical innovations in the course of its 70 year history, including; MEGATRAK suspension system, TWINLOCK boom pinning system, MEGAFORM boom design and Grove was the first international multi-facility crane manufacturer to receive the ISO 9001 quality assurance certification in 1994.

  • GMK All Terrain Mobile Cranes
  • RT Rough Terrain Mobile Cranes
  • YB Yard Boss Mobile Cranes


GMK3060 2 MB GMK4080-1 1 MB
GMK5110-1 1 MB GMK5130-2 1 MB
GMK5170 969 KB GMK6300L 1 MB
GMK6400 5 MB GMK7450 2 MB
RT530E2 1 MB RT540E 1 MB
RT765E-2 1 MB RT770E 725 KB
RT880E 1 MB RT890E 1 MB
RT9130E-2 1 MB RT9150E 2 MB
GMK5150 4 MB GMK5150L 4 MB
GMK4100L 3 MB GMK5250L 2 MB

Manitowoc Crawler Cranes

Manitowoc Cranes began producing lattice boom crawler cranes at its facility in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA, in 1925. Since then it has led the industry in sales, innovation, performance and support with a comprehensive range of products to support your lattice-boom crane lifting needs. The range of product includes crawler cranes, lattice-boom truck, luffing jibs, MAX-ER® attachments and RINGERS®. Manitowoc Cranes products range in lifting capacity from 80 Tonne to 2575 Tonne.

  • 8500 Lattice Boom Crane
  • 11000 Lattice Boom Crane
  • 12000 Lattice Boom Crane


8500-1 1 MB 11000-1 3 MB
12000-1 2 MB

Manitowoc Crane Care

Recognising the benefits to our customers, TRT has invested in Manitowoc Crane Care, the world’s most advanced service and support programme that groups product support into five disciplines: Parts, Support, Technical Documents, Technical Support and Training. The slogan, “Wherever. Whenever. Whatever. We’re There™” signals our commitment to total customer satisfaction. Being a part of Manitowoc Crane CARE offers TRT global access to parts, service, technical assistance and training for every MANITOWOC CRANE GROUP product, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

“Wherever. Whenever. Whatever. We’re There™”